Monday, October 19, 2009

Getting to know my Kitchen

Today I ran three full loads of dishes in my dishwasher and no all our dishes were not dirty at the beginning of the day! I am finding that eating the whole foods way is definitely taking more time than eating junk. I have to plan my day and our menu out. I have to stay on top of time so I can have hamburger buns ready for lunch. I have to think about breakfast after our dinner so I don't end up feeding the kids cold cereal.

Before I started changing our diet we ate pretty well. We didn't buy a lot of packaged foods and if I did it was always organic or all natural junk food! I cooked our meals from scratch but it wasn't healthy meat. I have realized that even "healthy" junk food is still junk food and that was eating up a lot of our food budget. Our budget is $560 for a family of seven and it can get so tight it squeaks! We are eating mostly vegetables and fruits. I make all our breads and snacks. Our snack is popcorn.

I'm glad I enjoy cooking for my family and this has also shown me that I need to stick to a schedule for our school day. I need to stay on top of planning our meals and snacks. However, I need to keep a balance in my day.

What are you best tips to get food fixed fast and healthy?

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