Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Our at Home Day

Today is our weekly at home day. We have had a great school day and now it's time for some baking. I've already made a pan of brownies for my hubby and now I'm working on doughnuts. Tomorrow I'll need to bake some more bread in between running kids to lessons and homeschooling!!

Not only am I baking today but I'm also working on getting caught up on some housework. We are still purging our clutter and I'm taking boxes of stuff to Goodwill! We also have a large donation of food and other items for our church's food pantry.

What's going on at your homestead today?

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~Sara said...

After our learning time this morning I got some much needed gardening done! I am hoping to have a baking day tomorrow. I really want to make some breads and rolls to freeze.

Have a great afternoon.