Friday, August 21, 2009

"Grocery Shopping"

Today my mom, the kids, and I went "grocery shopping" at the Amish farm stands. I spent $30.00 on the following
1 bushel canning tomatoes
1 melon
2 dozen ears of sweet corn
1/2 bushel green peppers
6 cookies ( a moment of weakness!!)
3 pints of red raspberries
5lb red potatoes
box of green apples

After shopping the stands we stopped by a local organic store and I spent $19 on 3 half gallons of almost raw milk and 1 lb of organic strawberries. I also put in an order for 5 gallons of chocolate milk that I'll pick up next week.

I love doing this kind of grocery shopping. I can buy everything I need without using a big box type store. Monday will find me canning vegetable soup, more potatoes, sweet corn, and tomato juice or sauce. I didn't get to my peaches today so that will get done in the morning.

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shelley amstutz said...

I am also doing peaches and tomatoes tomorrow! I will be canning salsa and tomato juice but I would love to try canning vegetable soup. Would you be willing to post your recipe please?