Monday, July 13, 2009

Itch to Pitch...more trash!!

This week I have three bags going to Goodwill, one full bag of trash, and 2 tubs full of clothes to "sell" to once upon a child. I also need to stop at Half Price books and sell some of our homeschool curriculum.

My plan is to start back to homeschool on August 17 and I really really want to get rid of all our junk. I am overwhelmed at how much money is wasted buying junk. We have a new new toys unless it's a birthday, holiday, or the kids spend their own money.

We're also getting rid of clothes... how many shirts do I really need?!? My goal is five "go to town" shirts and a couple garden shirts. I find it's so easy to justify keeping all our clothes!

To see how others are getting rid of their clutter check out The Happy Housewife


Connor said...

Hi - came to your blog through
I saw that one of your goals is to prepare 20 freezer meals. That is next on my list but I'm lost! Can you tell me what you make and freeze? So far I've got chilli and lasagna on my list. I'm due w/ #2 in a few wks and am hoping to get at least 10 freezer meals done before I pop! Thanks for any info! If you have this in your blog, I apologize. I'm going to keep looking through it!

Julie said...

Great job! I have really enjoyed this challenge and seeing how everyone is benefiting from it.