Monday, July 20, 2009

Getting my Groove Back

This past week our life has been a little different but today we're finally getting back to normal. I was able to do two loads of laundry and have them hanging on our clothes line. We also got the yard mowed and the raspberry patch and zucchini patch weeded. I've run two loads of dishes and am currently baking rolls for dinner.

The girls picked three grape tomatoes, we'll be picking at least two cucumbers tonight, and squash and zucchini later this week. My green bean plants have been eaten by some furry creature and so I only have a few of those on the plant ( well, what's left of my plants) I might be able to pick our broccoli later this week as well. My peppers aren't growing very fast, it's been too chilly here ( mid-July and the temp during the day is 75!!) I'm hoping they'll start growing soon. I planted a lot of plants because we like our peppers.

I put three more meals in the freezer today- Spicy herbed chicken, Dump Pepper Lime Chicken, and Monterrey Chicken kit. I plan on adding three more meals tomorrow and putting together our baking mixes.

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Jennifer said...

My peppers are growing super slow too. I can't wait for red tomatoes.