Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Works for me Wednesday

I have always loved to read, as a kid I would check out 20 books on Friday and by Sunday I needed more to read. I love to own books and buy books but living on one income that be a really bad thing when we don't have room in our budget for my splurges. What's a book lover to do?

We don't use it during the winter due to germs and having two high risk people at home so I stock up on yard sale finds for our winter reading. I made a rule that we don't read much out of our home library during the summer that way we have plenty of books to last all winter.

At our local library we can have 99 books out at a time. Honestly, we usually have at least 50-60 books checked out each week. This saves me hundreds of dollars. If I find a book that I love and know I will read it again and again I will buy it. I can't even begin to tell you how much this has saved us over the 9 years we've used it. Here's a breakdown of what it would have cost us if we bought what we checked out yesterday...
*10 DVD... I'll say that the retail value would be $7 each... $70
* 2 Red Rock Mysteries...$5.95 each....$11.95
* 5 hard back books for my son....$10.95 each...
* 5 new Christian fiction for me...$10.95 each... $109.50
Total savings....$191.45!!
using the library saves me on average of $200 a week. Now, you might say I don't actually save that because I wouldn't purchase that many books, buy you'd be wrong. I could easily purchase that many items each week!! Books are my week spot....

Using the library works for me...

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