Monday, June 22, 2009

No Spend Day 1

Today was a beautiful day! We spent most of the day at the beach with my mom. We had a picnic in the back yard and I brought ice cream from home for a treat. We did stop at the bulk food store for some baking supplies for a total spent of $22.00 and I put $20 in gas in our van.

At the homestead I washed and line dried a load of diapers. I had dinner cooking in the crockpot all day ready when we got home. I got out the new slip n slide and the kids played until dinner was on the table. It was a very filling day and very fun.
Daisy is still doing well and the garden is thriving. I found five little tomatoes on one plant and most others have blooms. I also found cucumbers on my plants. My blue berry bushes are growing a lot. I am hoping to clean out back by our shed to make room for some more berry bushes. My son is also asking for a rabbit and it would be a good place for a hutch.
My son has also asked if I would make some whoopie pies, I'm going to try that on Thursday since we'll be out of the house tomorrow and Wednesday.

If you're joining on the no spend/homestead challenge how was your day?

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