Sunday, June 21, 2009

Homestead Update and a Challenge...

I've spent the last two days going to yard sales. My budget was $20.00 and I still have $1 left!! Here are some of the deals I found...

X-Box 360 game
5 shirts for me ( American Eagle and Abercrombie!)
8 shirts for my daughter
1 doll bed for Molly
slippers for daughter
various goodies the girls picked out of the $.05 box
5 books
1 puzzle
1 game
4 shirts for my son
swimming trunks for my son

I just love yard sales, it is the thrill of the hunt and how much can you get for your money. I was very pleased to find some shirts for me, I needed some winter/fall shirts and they were only $.25 each.

Our puppy is doing great. She is still a sweet little girl and doing very well getting housebroken. I must admit that she does add work to my day but it is worth it! Having the puppy has also made me realize that I need to do some more organizing because she is finding many things to chew!

We have had some rain and the garden is really growing but so are the weeds. I think I will need to pay the kids to help since it's supposed to get hot this week. I'm also thinking that we might turn the air on this week as well. It isn't too bad as long as there is a breeze but if it's really humid that sure makes it hard on me.

We have saved enough money for our beach vacation which is a blessing since we think we found a place to stay. I am starting a spending freeze tomorrow. I will post a pre-approved spending list since we have various camps and other things going on that we need to sign up for.

Have you ever done a spending freeze? Were you successful? This will be my second and the first went pretty well. I think this one will go fine since I've eliminated the need for pull ups and diapers and wipes which were always on my spending list.

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