Thursday, June 4, 2009

Homestead Thursday

In the garden...
I dug a nice "flower" bed for our raspberry bushes. I also hauled some old bricks up to make a edge so my hubby can weed whack without hitting them... hopefully. I weeded and mulched some of my strawberry beds. While my son mowed the yard the girls and I tackled the garden spending two hours weeding. At Walmart I bought a huge yellow pepper plant and another blue berry bush to keep our lonely one company- I'll be planting these tomorrow.

In the kitchen....
I made homemade granola bars for the first time, they were declared awesome and better than store bought by all and all 24 bars were gone by dinner time. The next time I make these I will need to make a double batch. Lunch was leftovers and for dinner a friend of mine gave me a huge bag full of spinach and lettuce so we had baked potatoes and a chicken salad made from a leftover chicken breast and free lettuce.

In the home...
I did another load of laundry and hung it on the line. I also made a quick trip to Walmart to buy canning jars for strawberry jam...however they were out of the jelly jars so I decided we will make freezer jam instead. Tomorrow we are going berry picking again and on Saturday we will be making jam and strawberry ice to freeze for the hot days of July and August.
* I sorted through some of my books and filled an entire box with books to give away. I am trying not only to be self sufficient but also live a much simpler life. I'm hoping to get rid of a lot of clothes as many do we need anyway?!?
*All of our tv's and computers were unplugged as well as any other electric item to help save money on our bill. We don't turn on lights until it is almost 9 p.m. or later if we're just watching tv. I wish I could find a couple of bright candles because I'm the one who needs light to read!! Maybe I'll get a camp lantern? We haven't needed our fans on for the last two days and we definetly haven't used the air conditioner yet.

I find that I am very content when my day is full of taking care of our home. I love to play in the dirt and hang my laundry. I enjoy trying new easy recipes instead of buying the same thing from the store.

How was your homestead day?

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~Sara said...

Sounds like you had a great day! I felt very good today. While I made a cherry pie from frozen cherries picked from my tree last year, I watched outside my kitchen window as my older 3 children worked in the yard mowing, raking and pulling weeds in the garden. It was a beautiful day here.

I am curious as to your homemade granola recipe. I have been wanting to try this. Would you be so kind as to share? I would love to try it.

I really need to declutter my clothing too. We are getting ready to have a garage sale here next weekend. I am hoping I get through alot of things this week!