Monday, June 8, 2009

Homestead Living Sunday

Yesterday was another low spend day. I made a trip to CVS to do the Pampers was advertised on line that you would earn $5 ecb for every pack purchased. No deal at my store...I need to call customer service. Total spent $1.18

I also shopped Kmart super double event and bought wipes... total spent $2.24

We did order pizza and spent $19 but we have enough left for lunch today.

I also ordered some cloth diapers, I spent a total of $35 for two diapers, liners, and that included shipping. I also bought two different brands in another sample pack for $30 so I will have four cloth diapers. I'm planning on using those during the day and disposables at night. I will order more when I decide which type we like. Do you have any opinions on what type is best? Do you enjoy using them?

Once I get the diapers I should be able to stop buying wipes/diapers because I have a large stockpile and I only use 1 overnight. They should last a long time...especially if the ecb start printing from cvs!!

We also finally made our jam yesterday and the girls are busily eating the rest of the 4lb we had leftover. I'm hoping to make homemade yogurt at some point this week. I will also put my granola bar recipe up tonight.

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