Friday, June 5, 2009

Homestead Friday

Another beautiful day in Ohio! I am so grateful for the nice weather and being able to play outside with the kids. Here's what happened today at our homestead...

In the Garden-
*My daughters, two of their friends, and I spent 1.5 hours picking strawberries at the orchard. We ended up with 13.5 lbs. I will wash up some for snacks and the rest we're going to make into jam tomorrow.
* I dug a bed around my blueberry bushes and spent the afternoon chasing away some birds who were trying to steal some berries.
* Added lots of vegetable/fruit scraps to compost

In the home-
* Made pancakes for breakfast and had leftovers for lunch. Berries were the snack of the day. Instead of making pizza tonight I made homemade fast food.
* We had planned on going to First Friday tonight but my hubby worked late and was tired so the kids and I played outside till bath time.
* Washed bed linens today and hung them on the line.

Saving Money-
* Stopped at one yard sale and got 1 book for me and 15 taste of home/ quick cooking magazines for a total of $.80
* hoping to have a yard sale next weekend. We live beside a small grocery store and it's their anniversary bbq and it always attracts a lot of people. I'm hoping we'll get more traffic from that to our sale. I'll be spending a lot of time this coming week sorting clothes, books, and toys.

How was your day?

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