Saturday, June 6, 2009

Frugal Living Addition

Frugal Living Edition...
On the way to visit our friends with baby chicks I noticed a sign at a local church stating: Yard Sale Saturday, now I don't know about you all but here when a church has a sale it usually makes for cheap stuff so I put it on my to do list for today. I left the house with $2.50 and headed to the sale. I get there and am quickly informed that everything is free. Here's a list of what I received there-
twin bed frame ( a need)
Columbia winter coat for me ( a need)
Baby Gap winter coat for 3 year old ( a need)
tons of Clubhouse Jr. magazines for my younger kids ( fun)
a few clothes for Reagan and a pair of comfy pants for our 7 year old ( a want/need)
a couple books ( fun/school)
After that awesome stop I headed to another sale and found a free box, here's what I got there...
Christian Liberty Press Nature Reader book 5
Writing Strands ( new!)
Abeka Science book
Abeka Health book
I then went to the Dollar store for batteries, graduation cards, and birthday cards. Total spent $5.33
I went home and the boys went to the driving range for some dad/son time. After they got back the girls and I headed out for more yard sale fun. We went to about 6 sales that were way over priced and we were getting discouraged when I remember that Friendly's had free ice cream today. We went there and our store wasn't doing the promotion but was honoring it any way. We got 4 ice cream cones for free!! On our way home we stopped at one more yard sale. All the clothes were $.10-.25 shoes were $.50 and toys were $.10
We bought
4 pairs of cloth training pants
4 pairs of shoes
5 different outfits
a purse
brand new pluto
my little pony
Total spent $4
My cousin graduated high school and tonight was his open house so we ate dinner cooking which is always a good thing. All in all it was a good money saving day. How was your day today?


~Sara said...

WOW! I would say you had an awesome day! I spent the day in my garage getting ready for a garage sale that I am having next weekend.

The Prudent Homemaker said...

Wow! What great finds--especially the homeschool books!

I wish we had garage sales like that here!

I have a friend going to some for me with a list in another state this summer. It's a big homeschooling state. I never thought to have her look for some homeschooling books for me! I'll add those to the list!