Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Weekly Shopping Trip

My son and I went for our weekly groceries last night. It was great the stores were empty so we could look for the best deals. My goal was to stay under $50. Do you think we did it?

2 gallons distilled water
2 boxes Kashi Waffles ( .29 each!!)
Keebler Cookies ( for hubby)

3lb organic apples
2lb organic strawberries
2lb nitrate free hot dogs ( Yea!! For Oscar Meyer...no more traveling to Trader Joe's for hot dogs!)
1 6 pack of organic yogurt ( used free coupon!)
1 4 pack of organic soda
Chips A-hoy ( for hubby)
Edward's pie single ( for hubby)
2 bags of potato chips ( I can't make these!!)
1 loaf of bread ( free coupon)
1 package of hot dog buns ( I haven't been successful at hot dog buns...any tips??)

Total for both stores $39.85

** We didn't buy any meat this week because my husband wants us to eat down our deep freezer stockpile to defrost. I had to pass up some cheap chicken that was marked down...that was hard!! We also have a huge stockpile of free frozen vegetables. I also keep at least 10lb of sugar and flour on hand for baking at all times. I also didn't plan on buying the Kashi waffles but Meijer had them on sale for $2.29 so I priced matched that at Walmart and used my $2 off coupons from the Kashi coupon book found at Krogers. ***

How did your weekly shopping trip go?

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