Monday, May 25, 2009


My husband has informed me that we need to defrost our deep freeze which means... gulp!! we have to eat down my stockpile of frozen foods!!! That will be a challenge all in itself but I also decided to add another challenge I have been wanting to try...

I've always dreamed of being a homesteader. I want the farm, the livestock, the garden, to bake everything from scratch, and not have to rely on grocery stores or Walmart to save the day. Unfortunately we live in town and in a rental so I'm limited to what I can do. I do have a large garden and am going to expand it even more, hoping to grow most of our produce this summer. I can't have chickens or livestock but I have found a local Mennonite store that sells farm fresh eggs so I'll buy them there. However, there are many homestead things I can do. I can stop relying on convenience foods from the store... including cereal, rice mixes, cookie mixes, etc. I can stop running to Walmart or Kroger for every deal under the sun and only buy what we need. I have a large stockpile of food and household needs so I could go a long time only buying milk, eggs, flour, and produce. I can hang all my laundry on my clothesline. I can bake all our breads and snacks from scratch. I can use it up, make do, or do without!!

Welcome to my I Wanna Be a Homesteader Challenge!! I will post every day all the things I have done in my challenge to be an Urban Homesteader. I hope it will help reduce our spending even further and help make our dreams of our homestead in the country to come true.

As we embark on this challenge I will be using up our convenience foods and eating from our deep freeze so I'll still have certain things on my menu. If you see cereal on the plan it won't be from the store but our stockpile. As I run out of thing like cleaning supplies or soap I'll be making them from "scratch". I'm also hoping to reduce our running around from store to store. We will still visit our library, church, and play with friends but I'm hoping we can all start finding contentment at staying home.

Will you join me in my I Wanna Be a Homesteader Challenge? Our first day will be tomorrow and will go through July 1

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Melody said...

I just found a link to your blog and I love it. I want to be a homesteader! I'm not quite there on my stockpiling yet, so I will join your cause in a few months. I'm hoping to have a house in the country by next summer.