Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cook Book Clutter

I love cook books. I love buying them and dreaming of making exotic meals but I hate the clutter that comes with them. In reality there is usually only a few recipes in each cookbook that my family will eat or that doesn't take 50 different ingredients. So, what's a girl to do with all her beloved cookbooks?

Here's what works for me, I only keep cookbooks that have at least 10 recipes that I use repeatedly. If the book has less than that I write down the recipe and put it in my homemade cookbook- I keep a 3 ring binder that has our favorite recipes in it- and get rid of the cookbook!

I like to hand write my recipes that are going into the homemade cookbook, it makes it more personal. I'd like to think that someday my girls will look at this cookbook and have memories of us in the kitchen and remember all their favorite homemade goodies. You could even turn your own cookbook into a scrapbook of family favorites!

I write down many recipes off the Internet and not all of them are winners, it's very easy to end up with recipe clutter in your book if you're not careful. I go through my cookbook every couple weeks and purge the recipes that looked yummy but tasted awful, this way I know that every recipe in my blue book is a winner.

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