Friday, February 20, 2009

Weekly Wrap Up

I'm joining Jennifer at for her frugal weekly wrap up. Our week wasn't super frugal since I ordered some of our homeschool curriculum for next year. However, I did only order what we needed and I'm trying to be realistic by purchasing things we'll use and not just have more stuff sitting around on the shelves.

I had four no spend days and three no drive days.
Our grocery bill was a little high this week because I'm working on getting my daughter's diet back into check again. I spent about $110.00 total.
We kept our heat at a warm 65 degrees all day.
We are still unplugging everything and sitting in the dark until we can't stand it anymore to reduce our electric bill even more.
I also spent the afternoon yesterday making a four week menu plan and shopping list. Here's to actually sticking to the menu. I'm gearing up for a month of no eating out!!

How was your frugal week?

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Prudent Homemaker said...

Well, I left the house to go to church on Sunday. I will be going somewhere to speak tomorrow about food storage and gardening, but that's all the driving I'll be doing. Normally Sunday is the only day I leave and I don't normally go to the store.

Right now I am able to not water the garden becaus we had a wonderful rain. The lights are off except in the kitchen where I am in the middle of making bread.