Thursday, January 15, 2009

Saving Even More...

I have recently been challenged to reduce our other monthly expenses. I feel like I have my grocery budget under control and my household needs are almost nonexistent thanks to the however the rest of my budget could use some trimming.

I have been looking over our budget or lack there of this week wondering what else I can cut back on. I did lower our satellite bill by $25 a month which is nice. Our electric bill has been through the roof lately and so we've been unplugging everything in the house when we're not using it.

The areas that I know we need to work on are eating out, renting movies, and gas for our van. I'm guilty of chasing deals and using more gas than I have too. I'm also lazy on the weekends and tend to resort to eating out. We rent a lot of movies and video games each month so we do buy a discount card every month to get 50% off our rentals but we've gotten bad about making sure the stuff gets back on time which means we're paying for them twice!

During our spending freeze we have done really well on not eating out or renting tons of movies but I know we can do better! I'm thinking about using the envelope method for these three categories to see if that helps. Any ideas for staying on budget for these?

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~Sara said...

We are going to start the envelope method again next month. We have done it previously and it really worked for us.

As for movies and renting video games, we use Redbox for our movies. They are only $1 per night and they usually have new releases. Also, there is always a free code on Mondays. We also rent movies from the library. The only bad thing there is you have to wait forever for a new release. As for renting video games...I don't have a suggestion. They are really expensive to rent though I know. Our 12 yo always wants to do that. We usually make him pay for half if we give in.

Weekends are hard because you want to be lazy! We have the same problem. Maybe it would be easier to freeze a meal earlier in the week or the week before and cook that. Or frozen pizzas are always quick and easy too. Sometimes though take our just sounds better!