Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Proof that our Spending Freeze Worked!

I wondered if our spending freeze had made a difference in our bottom line...well I don't need to wonder anymore! On Sunday night our laptop received the blue screen of death and is no longer in working order. We thought we'd be able to use our kids school computer but it isn't high speed Internet ready so we were stuck buying a new computer. We were able to buy a new laptop with the money we saved in one month! To some that might not be a huge deal but for us it's amazing. I never realized how much I spent on the little things until now. I really think about each purchase before I buy. We are still hoping to get the old laptop fixed and then we'll give that one to the kids for their school work.

I think starting in February I'm going to start an eating out freeze! Anyone want to join me?

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