Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cut the Clutter!

Are you overwhelmed by your home? Have you bought 25 books on how to clean up the clutter? If so, join me as I clean up and de-clutter our home. I find that February is a wonderful month to attack the clutter because I'm stuck inside so starting the first week of February I'll be posting some challenges to keep us all on track.

Some areas I'll be focusing on: school area, room by room, menu planning, pantry challenges, frugally decorating our homes, and many more! I hope you'll join me!


Jennifer said...

I am always trying to declutter as well, thanks for the motivation.

I host a weekly wrap up of the frugal things people did each week. Come check it out on friday! I would love to have your participate, I bet you have great ideas.

~Sara said...

I'm always trying to find ways to declutter. Count me in!!