Friday, December 19, 2008

Frugal Friday

This week was a great savings week. Here's how I saved this week...

8 bags of chocolate peanut butter cookie mix
2 cake mixes
2 brownie mix
4 muffin mix
12 8oz shredded cheeses
6 bags lays potato chips
3 boxes ritz crackers
2 joy of cooking frozen mashed potatoes
2 cresent rolls
2 cinnamon rolls
2 boxes frosted flakes
4 french's fried onions
american cheese slices
10 bags green giant steamers vegetables
4 gallons water
2 2liter pop
1/2 gallon organic milk
1 32oz yogurt
3 bags frozen tyson chicken nuggets
4 cans cream of chicken soup
total: $73.86
total saved: $101.00

4 bottles kid shampoo
2 bottles juice
4 12 packs coke
3 boxes townhouse crackers
1 dairy free/gluten free icecream
10 2pk jar babyfood
2 bags frozen biscuits
total: 19.45
saved 67%

We gave out three gift baskets made from our stockpile cost: free!! Also bought the mailman a $5 gift card with change from my purse and we made ornaments to give out. We also ordered pizza last night 2 large 1 topping for $13.98 and paid with change found around the house. I didn't use any money this week from our checking account!!

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