Monday, December 1, 2008

24 Days till Christmas!!

Only 24 days till Christmas!! Are you ready?? Here's the Christmas challenge day 4...
Have you finished your shopping? If so quit looking at the ads or surfing the'll only be tempted to buy all those great deals! I have most of my shopping done except for a few items and I'm still in my budget!! I should make it and stay in my budget IF I don't get caught up in all the great deals. I almost fell today already when I got an email from American Girl advertising their cyber Monday sale...60% off select items!! I , of course, hurried over to check out the deals and actually put many in my cart when I remembered...I'm done with this child who is into American girl stuff...she needs no more presents!! Oh but how easy it is to keep buying!! I want to buy every good deal that comes along, but that defeats the purpose of a frugal Christmas!! So your challenge is to put on your blinders and stay focused, kids don't need all the latest and greatest toys, they need us!
God bless!

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