Sunday, November 9, 2008

CVS deals

Have you been to CVS lately? I know what you're penny pinchin' momma would shop there!??! Oh yes she does!! Let me show you how...
First step is to make sure you have a CVS card and if you have it make sure you update your info on the CVS website so they can email you coupons!
Second collect all coupons at first because you never know what will be free or be a money maker!!
Third always ALWAYS make a plan. Do NOT go into CVS without your game plan because you will spend way to much money.

Here are the rules of the game. When you first start to play the game ( yes it's a's fun and you never know what you'll get!) you will want to buy things that pay you in Extra Care Bucks ( aka ECBs which is how I'll refer to them). It's really sweet when you have a coupon for the item that gives you ECBs because usually you'll either get the item free or it'll be a moneymaker. Once you start accumulating ECBs you can buy anything you need or want because they work just like money. I always try to have $15 ecbs at a time so I can roll them and get the stuff I need.

This week I'll give you a basic transaction to get started... I'm assuming that you don't have ECBs and you might not have a stash of coupons. The object is to pay as little out of pocket (oop) and get the most ECBs.
Transaction #1
Buy Garnier Fructis shampoo or conditioner with card you pay $2.99
use $1 off coupon in 11/9 red plum
get $2 ecb
total oop $1.99 earn $2 ecb = free!! you can only do this deal once.

So now you have $2 ecbs to play with you can do more transactions or just save your $2 for next week. Here's an example of a mulitple transaction...

Do transaction #1
Transaction #2
Buy 2 Palmolive Dish liquid 11 oz @ $1.49 use 2 $.25 off coupons from recent insert ( I think 11/2)
buy 2 Colgate total toothpaste $2.19 buy one get one (bogo) free use either two $.75 off coupons ( again I think 11/2) or print $1.50 off any Colgate total and print twice
Total after coupons $2.98 or $3.67 (depending on your toothpaste coupons)
Then use your $2 ecb for a total oop of $.98 or $1.67 and earn $2 ecb from the palmolive dish soap!

total for five items $2.97 or $3.66 and have $2 ecb for later.

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